Learn4Life uses a collective impact framework to drive regional, data-driven analysis among partners who have a desire to improve educational outcomes. The guiding model comes from StriveTogether, a national network of local partnerships that identify and scale what works in education.

Change Action Networks

Learn4Life convenes cross-sector partners into Change Action Networks that study our local data and analyze the key factors that are most predictive of success in each of our six key indicators. Selected factors must meet two criteria: strong evidence of improving student outcomes, and something the network can influence.

Partners then work together to identify Bright Spots within each factor —- strategies that are producing uncommon results for all students, especially those furthest from opportunity. Network teams then help to scale these strategies so they reach more students in our region. These teams use data to communicate progress and hold each other accountable, to direct programs to specific areas of need, and to highlight areas of achievement on a wide, metropolitan scale.


Key Indicators

The Learn4Life Leadership Council identified these six key indicators to continuously measure our students’ progress along the cradle to career continuum, and to focus our data analysis and strategies. Research has proven that success at each indicator propels the child to the next. Learn4Life’s Change Action Networks have divided these indicators into three bodies of work: Early Grade Literacy, 8th Grade Math, and Postsecondary Success.