Metro Atlanta Regional Education Partnership

Learn4Life (L4L), the Metro Atlanta Regional Education Partnership, is made up of school districts, communities, businesses, and nonprofits. Driven by our shared belief that all children deserve the opportunity to reach their potential, we use data to identify best practices at key milestones in a student’s education. We then work with our partners to scale these solutions, addressing academic achievement and workforce readiness for 600,000 students in metro Atlanta.

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Understanding the
Metro Atlanta Region

L4L’s five county, eight school district region has over 600,000 students, most of whom are low-income students and students of color. L4L is laser focused on identifying and scaling solutions (Bright Spots) to tackle educational inequity and improve outcomes for metro Atlanta’s large and diverse student population.

The Power of

By convening cross-sector partners with common goals and shared benchmarks, L4L leverages the power of collaboration to improve education outcomes for metro Atlanta students from cradle to career.

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L4L’s Change Action Networks review the research factors that are most predictive of student success in each indicator. 

Selected factors must meet two criteria: strong evidence of improving student outcomes, and something the network can influence. Each of L4L’s networks has conducted factor analyses as detailed below. These factors then allow us to identify Bright Spots that are working to support students in each area.

Early Literacy

35% of demand for quality-rated early learning programs could be addressed by current supply.

Eighth Grade Math

31% of children are proficient in math by the end of the 8th grade.

Postsecondary Success

29% of the 2019 graduating class had earned a postsecondary degree or credential by 2018.


Kindergarten readiness is multi-faceted (social-emotional, physical, cognitive, numeracy, literacy, etc).

Add your voice to the table this Wednesday, Sept. 13th as we begin working towards our ultimate goal of recommending a common approach here: https://lnkd.in/ga_W6XfT

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