Learn4Life (L4L), the Metro Atlanta Regional Education Partnership, is made up of school districts, communities, businesses, and nonprofits. Driven by our shared belief that all children deserve the opportunity to reach their potential, we use data to identify best practices at key milestones in a student’s education. We then work with our partners to scale these solutions, addressing academic achievement and workforce readiness for 600,000 students in metro Atlanta.

This collaborative model has yielded positive results in Cincinnati, Dallas, Minneapolis and other cities. We are making Atlanta the next success story by combining our energy, passion, and skills to make a collective impact on our children’s futures and the vitality of our region.


Our model is built around six indicators in a student’s educational career, Research has proven that success at each indicator propels the child to the next. We have embraced these milestones as our community indicators on which we focus our data analysis and our strategies. Learn more


Baseline Report Launch
Our inaugural State of Education in Metro Atlanta baseline report is now available. The purpose of this report is to set a baseline for where the region is today. More importantly, it is to serve as a call to action. It will take collective energy, will and commitment to have a collective impact. We will report annually on Metro Atlanta’s progress on these key indicators in order to document success and learn from temporary setbacks.

By sharing data, learning from each other, and highlighting and investing in practices that are working here today in our region, we believe Atlanta can be on a trajectory that ensures all of our students learn for today and learn for life.