Post Secondary Enrollment

The post-secondary enrollment network of Learn4Life are looking at the issues and challenges students face in obtaining further training (4 year/ 2 year college, technical training, certification, etc.) to prepare them for the workforce. As with the recently completed 3rd-grade network, the network will review current data and research to understand the barriers students face and the existing strategies and initiatives that are demonstrating uncommon success. The goal is to identify a few key initiatives that business, philanthropy and our school districts can scale up to have a dramatic impact on successful post-secondary enrollment.

We believe this is a unique opportunity to sit down and discuss the barriers to post-secondary enrollment with our peers in school districts and key community partners along with business and philanthropy leaders. If you are interested, please complete the form to be included in future discussions around post-secondary enrollment in metro Atlanta.


      • Every youth can attain a post-secondary credential leading to a career.

Core Indicator

    • Percent of high school graduates enrolled in a post-secondary institution by 2015


    • Seventy-five percent of the 2013 graduating class were enrolled in a post-secondary institution by 2015.

Why It Matters

    • Children who have access to quality early education programs or pre-K develop cognitive, social and behavioral skills necessary for kindergarten readiness.

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