Black Lives Matter

By Ken Zeff 1 year ago

Days after our schools closed for summer break, our country was rocked by a series of events that highlight the lingering racial tensions and injustices that Black people face. Over the last two weeks, we have been inspired by the voices of protest from every corner of our region. Learn4Life stands with our Black students and their families.

In metro Atlanta, there is a profound deficit of opportunity available to Black students. We understand that success in education is impacted by more than what happens in the classroom. Foundational structures like criminal justice policies, housing access, and economic opportunity weigh heavily on the achievement of our students. We believe by helping to improve the quality of public education, we can create the next generation of leaders that will help our region fulfill its promise of guaranteed equity and universal prosperity.

We have studied and visited schools in our region that are achieving uncommon results for underserved students. The L4L collective will continue to uplift and learn from their good work and tireless efforts. We are committed to learning, striving and growing into this moment to be part of the solution for a better region.

Thank you for your partnership in this work,

  Cradle to Career, Partners in Education
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